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Mission Statement

To heighten the awareness of the Racine County Sheriff's Office to the needs of all citizens of Racine County.

To become better informed citizens regarding the daily operation of the Racine County Sheriff's Office.

To promote better law enforcement activities without benefit of personal gain or profit.

To share our expertise and be an advocate for the cause of justice, safety and improved law enforcement.




Table of Contents

  • General Structure
  • Requirements for Membership
  • Officers and Elections
  • Nominating Committee
  • Standing Committees And Chairmen
  • Executive Committee
  • New Members
  • Term Limitations
  • Meetings, Advisory Board
  • Changes/Revisions
  • Advisory Group Duties and Responsibilities of Standing Committee Chairmen



 General Structure

The Racine County Sheriff's Office Citizen's Advisory Board will consist of interested citizens of Racine County who have endorsed the mission of the advisory board.

Successful completion of the Sheriff's academy is required. After completion, the participant can become a part of one of the standing committees of the advisory board. An 80% attendance at Citizen's Advisory Board meetings is required unless circumstances arise which are beyond the individual's control and are excused by the General Chairman.

The chairman of each standing committee will be part of the executive committee which coordinates the efforts of the Sheriff's Citizen Advisory Board.

All members of the Citizen's Advisory Board serve at the pleasure of the Racine County Sheriff. This is an advisory board only.

Requirements for Membership
The board will consist of a maximum of 25 people who have successfully completed the ten (10) week academy training course provided by the command staff of the Racine County Sheriff 's Office. All must have had at least an 80% attendance record prior of advisory board activities. All members of the board shall agree to serve for a three (3) year commitment.

Officers and Elections
Elections will be held the second meeting in September each year. Four officers shall be voted into office by the board membership. The four elected offices are: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary. Each officer will serve a two (2) year term beginning with the first meeting in October following elections. No officer shall serve successive terms in the same office. At the end of the term, the Vice-President will become President of the Advisory Board; the Assistant Secretary will become Secretary. If any person becomes unwilling, or unable to complete the full term of office, the Executive Committee will name an interim replacement until the next scheduled election.

Nominating Committee
Prior to the first meeting in August, the President will appoint a three person nominating committee who will seek willing candidates for the offices of Vice-President and Assistant Secretary. The nominating committee will present a slate of at least two candidates for each position. Nominations from the floor will be encouraged. A simple majority vote will suffice. In this manner, continuity shall prevail with each succeeding election.

Standing Committees and Chairmen
The following committees represent the board for year round projects. Each committee will be run by a Chairman and a Vice-Chairman. All seven persons will be appointed by the General Chairman. The committees are: Administration, Communication, Jail, Patrol, Senior Volunteer, Special Units, and Public Relations. Additional committees can be added as needed. The Committee Chair will appoint his own Vice Chair.

The seven Chairmen and seven Vice Chairmen will serve a two year term from October to September. At the end of that term the Vice Chairman will assume committee leadership and will appoint his own Vice Chair.

Executive Committee
Will consist of the four officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Assistant Secretary, plus the seven standing committee Chairmen. The academy liaison will report to the Executive Committee on academy progress and proceedings as required.

New Members
It is expected that there will be two academy classes per calendar year. All prospective board members will be required to attend the ten (10) week academy program with no less than an 80% attendance record. Upon graduation, those who wish to become members of the advisory board shall submit a written application to the executive committee for approval. New members will be admitted once each year in January or as required, after completion of both academy classes.

The Selection Committee will consist of the Executive Committee.

Meetings, Advisory Board
The location will generally be at the Law Enforcement Center unless notified otherwise. Meetings will be held the first and third Wednesdays of each month, September through May. The first Wednesday meeting shall be for business and training, the second Wednesday for special committee work, or for special events. Summer meetings will be held the third Wednesday of the months of June, July, and August.

Changes / Revisions
Any additions or corrections changes or revisions to these by-laws must be approved by a 2/3 majority vote by members present at the first meeting following the meeting during which such amendments were introduced.



Advisory Group Duties and Responsibilities of Standing Committee Chairmen

Addendum No. 1 Adopted October 16, 1996

To assist the Sheriff, as requested, with administrative projects, forms and procedures as deemed necessary for the best interests of the Sheriff's Office. Will report to the advisory group at monthly meetings of all Administrative Committee actions.

This committee will provide assistance to the Sheriff and Command Staff in the study, design and implementation of voice, video-imaging, wireless, and remote communications, both within Racine County and with other local, state, and national law enforcement agencies.

To work with the Sheriff and Jail Captain on all jail projects as requested by the Sheriff and Jail Captain.

To work with the Sheriff and Patrol Captain on all projects and equipment as directed by the Sheriff. To work with the Sheriff and Patrol Captain on revisions in the ride-a-long policy. To make provisions for all ride-a-longs for the advisory group.

Senior Volunteers:
To assist the Sheriff in schedules and procedures of senior volunteers for work in various areas, including telephones, filing, typing and assigned duties.

Special Units:
To work with the Sheriff on all projects related to special assignments: i.e. C.O.P.S. program, Special Units Squad, to make arrangements for advisory group ride-a-longs on Water Patrol craft.

Public Relations:
To assist the Sheriff in all matters of communications, verbal, written, filmed or video of both internal and external communication activities. To monitor Advisory Group verbal communications.

Duties And Responsibilities Of The Vice-Chairman:

To assist the Chair of their respective committee in any manner possible, as requested by the Chair. In the absence of the Chair, the Vice-Chair will assume control, duties and responsibilities of the Chair until the return of the regular Chair, including Advisory Board meetings.

The Vice-Chair will serve for the period of two (2) years from October to September. At the end of that term, the Vice-Chair will assume full control of that respective committee including all duties and responsibilities.

The new Chair will also appoint a new Vice-Chair from his/her respective committee members.



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