Sheriff´s Office FAQ's


Q: A Sheriff’s Office Investigator is working on my case. How do I find out if anything has developed yet?
A: Call the Investigative Bureau at 262-636-3225 between 7:30 AM and 4:00 PM Monday through Friday. The Investigative Secretary will be able to find who has been assigned to your case.
Q: Can I get a Background check or criminal record check?
A: This can be completed on-line by accessing the Wisconsin Department of Justice website at
Q: How can I get Sex offender Information?
A: Sex Offender information can be obtained from Computers are available for free public use at the Library in your community.
Q: How can I make an Open Records request?
A: The request must be made in person or in writing. They should include as much information as possible to locate the information being requested including the date or time period of the incident(s). This agency does not release reports where a criminal investigation is pending. All reports involving arrests must be obtained through discovery from the Racine County District Attorney until the charges are adjudicated by the courts.
Q: How do I find out about Foreclosure Sales
A: Notices are posted at the Racine County Courthouse, Racine City Hall, Racine Public Library, Ives Grove Public Works Building, and the Burlington Service Center. They may also be posted at other locations depending on the township of the property. Notices are published in the Racine Journal Times. You must appear in person to make a bid on a property. You must also have at least a 10% deposit plus .3% transfer tax fee at the time of sale. The deposit can be made in cash, or cashier's check payable to the Racine County Clerk of Courts. Any questions regarding the terms or the property are handled by the Plaintiff's attorney listed on the sale notice.
Q: How do I find out about road construction or snow covered roads?
A: Call the free Highway information line. Dial 511. They update the information constantly and answer 24 hours per day.
Q: I can’t make my court date. How do I reschedule a court date?
A: Call the Clerk of the Court you are to appear in. The Court’s phone numbers are listed in the blue section of the phone book.
Q: I have been ordered by the Court to be fingerprinted. How do I get fingerprinted?
A: The Records Bureau performs fingerprinting services on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday from 9:00-11:00 a.m. and 1:00-3:00 p.m. Those persons ordered by the court or as a condition of probation/parole must present proper paperwork and identification. Those persons needing fingerprint cards for security positions or employment must bring the blank cards with them. Do not write your personal information on the cards prior to arriving. The Sheriff’s Office charges $20.00 for non-criminal fingerprinting. This department does not perform fingerprinting for INS purposes.
Q: I need a copy of an incident report but need to know if it is available before I drive all the way to Downtown Racine. How can I find out if the report has been completed yet?
A: Call the Sheriff’s Office Records Bureau at 262-636-3229.
Q: I need someone evicted or papers served on someone. Who do I call to get this started?
A: Call Civil Process at 636-3219 to initiate the process.
Q: I need to get a restraining order. How do I do that?
A: Call the Clerk of Courts at 262-636-3333 to initiate the process.
Q: I need to speak to the Deputy who stopped me / was at my accident / arrested my relative.
A: Patrol Deputies work from the Patrol Station located on Washington Avenue / STH 20, just west of the Interstate. Call the Patrol Station at 262-886-9465 and ask for the Shift Supervisor.
Q: When can I get a copy of an Accident report?
A: Accident reports are generally available after 7 calendar days. Accident reports are $1.00. You must either appear in person at the Law Enforcement Center or Sheriff's Patrol Station for a copy of the accident report OR mail $1.00 plus a self-addressed, stamped envelope to Records Bureau, 717 Wisconsin Av., Racine, WI 53403.
Q: Where are you located? How do I get there?
A: The Racine County Sheriff’s Office is located at 717 Wisconsin Avenue in Downtown Racine, Wisconsin. From I 94, follow STH 20 eastbound into Downtown Racine. We are on the Southwest corner of 7th Street ( STH 20 ) and Wisconsin Avenue. Directly to the west of the Office is the Racine County Court House; the tallest building in the County.
Q: Where do I call to find out if someone is in the County Jail and how to get them out?
A: Call the County Jail at 262-636-3929. Have the person’s full name and date of birth before calling, so Jail Staff can be positive they give correct information.
Q: Who do I call for information about boater safety classes or hunter safety classes?
A: Call The Sheriff’s Office Water Safety Patrol Office at 636-3298.
Q: Who do I call to find out when the parade, trick or treat or fireworks is?
A: Call your local Town, Village or City Hall. The Phone Number will be listed alphabetically in the blue section of the phone book. 

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